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About us

The WWOX Foundation was formed by a group of parents with children affected by the devastating syndromes associated with WWOX deficiency.

The WWOX related WOREE and SCAR12 Syndromes are largely unknown to the general public and also the medical community. It is the aim of the WWOX Foundation to raise awareness of the syndromes and to provide clear and easy to understand information to newly diagnosed WWOX parents and provide an ongoing support network where parents can gain valuable insights and advice from other parents. Furthermore, it is the aim of the WWOX Foundation to fund, promote and support medical research dedicated to developing effective treatments and ultimately curing WWOX related syndromes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Establishing a support framework for families with children suffering from WWOX deficiency.

  • Providing financial support to researchers to pursue scientific endeavours related to WWOX.

  • Connecting WWOX patients with WWOX researchers for ongoing clinical studies with a Patient Registry.

  • Assist researchers with better establishment of the phenotypic spectrum of WWOX patients.

  • Raise awareness in the medical community to allow quick and accurate diagnosis of WWOX related syndromes.

We Need Your Support Today!

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