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Our mission is to promote and fund ongoing medical research dedicated to developing treatments and finding a cure for WWOX related syndromes.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

For patients and health care providers

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The WWOX Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting community awareness of WWOX related syndromes and supporting scientific research that aims to develop effective treatments and ultimately cure the syndromes.

The WWOX Foundation was formed by a group of parents with children affected by the devastating syndromes associated with WWOX deficiency.

WWOX is the name of a gene located on chromosome 16. It is responsible for critical brain functions.

A recessive mutation of the WWOX gene can be carried by parents and passed to their children for generations.

Caring for a severely disabled child has been very challenging but at the same time taught us as parents so much about the importance of acceptance, patience and also hope.

Provide Hope

Help us fund a lifesaving gene therapy treatment to cure WWOX related diseases.

Your generous donation will support ground breaking laboratory research and create a pathway towards a clinical trial.

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